Sunday, November 09, 2014

Coding in Mac!

Yeah! After a year I finally start coding in Mac. Just for my spare time because I am not working with Mac in the office. So far what I do is just trying simple things that I might need in my real program. This is a practice to make a platform independent code, maintaining portability across compilers.

So, what I have done so far? I have installed OpenCV 2.4.9 in my Mac, many bloggers have already posted the steps and thanks to that I have managed to install and run it on my Mac, Yeaaah!!

Another library that I have installed is fftw, this is a cool library which can be used almost everywhere, so I will make use of it.

The code is similar with those coding in Windows, but there's one thing which is different, the directory naming and environment settings. Let's see what I can do in the future.

I'll squeeze some time to post some exciting blog entries about this...


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