Thursday, October 01, 2009

Creating a custom report based on OpenCV

If you need to create a colorful chart with simple text information, this article might be useful for you. In my case, I need to develop a software for measuring an object and usually if the result is visualized using Matlab. Hmm.. it takes time and usually what we need might be only a simple result.

I want to do this because sometimes when I need to present a data, I still have to set the fonts size and some other settings in order to get several results with the same style and when I use different computer, the size and the resolution of the image changes, and it takes a long time just to set the image properties. Such a boring task...

So, I came up with an idea to visualize the data using our own software. Therefore, we only need to run the application and at the end you can obtain the result that is ready to be presented either in a paper or presentation. If you need to take another data just repeat it and you'll get the same style.

The idea is simple, what you need to do is:
  1. Save the result into a file/memory.
  2. Read the file/memory and then draw it into an image for 2D or visualize in 3D.
  3. Give some information about the data, i.e. the axis, numbers, limits, etc. which are essential for your data.

Just that simple. This is a sample of the result that I can made, it's not a real data though, but it can be used as a sample. Well, actually we still need to do some preprocessing of the data until we can present something meaningful but that's out of this context.

The color in the chart is made by using HSI to RGB transformation. For those who are not familiar with this transformation, you can search about it in wikipedia or google. The credit goes to Loc, my colleague who has written the code for doing the transformation.

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