Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Time FFT using OpenCV

Recently I tried to combine Fast Fourier Transform with my previous webcam project with OpenCV. I use cvDFT() function to generate forward FFT of the image.

The result is surprising, it's quite fast. I tried using my Logitech Quickcam and I can generate the FFT of the image in real time. I will post the details later because I combined it from several sources and had to do some modification to make it run real time without having memory leak issues.

Here's a screenshot:

Another screenshot with a sine grating as the object. If you understand how 2D FFT works, you might have an idea whether this is correct or not.

My webcam runs 15fps and the size of the image is 320x240. I'm going for a faster and larger camera, and doing IFFT, just wait and see, hehehe... :D

Actually this is not directly related to my job, I did this mainly for fun and curiosity :D.

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